■English Title : Chatting Anpanman touch! Smart Anpanman kitchen Toy opening review
■中文標題 : 面包超人觸摸之後會說話的智能廚房玩具
■한국어 제목 : 호빵맨 터치 수다! 스마트 호빵맨 주방 장난감 개봉 리뷰
■中文标题 : 面包超人触摸之后会说话的智能厨房玩具

■チャンネル登録はこちら / Channel subscript → https://goo.gl/in9442

2016年9月24日 新発売 新商品
中央にあるスマートパネルをタッチすると楽しいおしゃべりがいっぱい! アンパンマンのマーチも流れます。
パーツに関連するおしゃべりやおままごと遊びを盛り上げるおしゃべりがいっぱい! ! !

■Video Description / Overview
Launches New Products September 24, 2016
Is a popular Anpanman kitchen set of toys.
Fun chat is full when you touch the smart panel in the middle! Also flow Anpanman march.
Full of chatter liven up the chat and play house play related to the parts!!!
When you press the stove button on the panel, it can be operated even without pressing the actual stove button below.
Sink that rotation of the popular LED was attached so that you can image how to become a clean wash.
Stove will move glowing. The back plate also has a corner that put up against the shelves and wash the dishes.

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